"In politics, when reason and emotion collide, emotion invariably wins".  Drew Westen

You can make a difference. You just need the right tools.
We can fashion the right tools for you, be they digital assets, detailed policy research or an two-age infographic.

But first we need to understand your ask.  



Send us your existing policy position summary for our free and frank assessment of the wording, the objectives and the strategy.

We believe all policy asks can be expressed in a simpler fashion to target decision-makers. Our free policy audit offer reviews one policy position from your suite.

Contact us now to start the ball rolling and get your policy audited by our team.

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Member-based organisations often require an outside entity to review and revise long-standing policy positions.

We work with the management and boards of industry associations to survey members and reduce the myriad legislative asks down to a small list of achievable goals.

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