Influencer matrix


Influencer matrix

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Mapping the influencers of policymakers

In any advocacy campaign your ultimate goal is to either change legislation or preserve the status quo. Getting the message right is part of the battle, but understanding who to target is another task. 

Find your top 10

For advocacy organisations with limited resources, sorting the wheat from the chaff is a crucial part of the political engagement exercise. 

Message Shapers applies a unique methodology to plot the 10 key influencers on any policy decision. In addition to ministerial portfolio holders, we plot every backbencher, departmental official and staffer to create a Who’s Who of your issue.

We can tailor then your message to each individual audience for maximum effect.

We currently offer this service at the Australian federal level and in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland as well as New Zealand national parliament and New Caledonian national assembly. 

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What you provide to us? 

We ask you to provide an outline of your policy ask as well as details of you interaction with government to date. Doubtless you know who the policy holder is (the ultimate target), but do you know how to get to him or her?

Our methodology takes into account power, influence and relevance to rank each of up to 30 potential targets in order of importance.

What you will receive

Our research team will contact you to discuss your targeting today during a 30 minute consultation. We will research potential additional targets within the government and bureaucracy and compute each person's relative relevance. you will then receive a two-page report with the findings and a brief summary within 10 working days.